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  • Hawaiian BBQ

    What’s not to love!!! Fresh local ingredients from the Hawaiian Islands when possible. We prepare some of your favorite Luau dishes with traditional Hawaiian barbeque, Pulled Pork, Tri-Tip Beef or Smoked Chicken Breast as well as some modern versions of Korean and Thai dishes. This is comfort food at its finest.

    Hawaiian BBQ is very popular for when planning a catering event for all occasions. Click on the link to our Featured Events for ideas for your special moment.

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  • Best-Ever Grilled Pizza

    Wood fired Pizza is faithfully crafted the way authentic pizza was originally made; in a blisteringly hot wood fired oven for about 90 seconds, natural leavened dough, with a long temperature fermentation to bring out the full flavor and aroma of the crust.

    Click on the hyper link for a little history of Wood Fired Pizza making 

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  • From The Grill

    A particular favorite in the Islands is grilled fish. What kind of fish you ask? How about, Aku, Ahi and Albacore (Tuna); Marlins; Opakapaka, Kalekale, Onaga, Uku and Taape (Snappers); Hapuu (Grouper); Ulua, Akule and Opelu (Jacks); Ono; Squid and Octopus; as well as all the shellfish like Opihi, Wana (Sea Urchins), Black Crab, Lobsters, Shrimp and Prawns.

    Beach Side BBQ & Grill also offers traditional grilled Hawaiian foods as well as local Kona favorites

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  • Frozen Drinks

    Our frozen drinks are inspired by the culture and great land scape and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. We hope you will enjoy our rendition of the Hawaiian Luau and the islands of Kauai, Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. These drinks were forged from with the spirit of the Garden Isle, The Gathering Place, The Valley Isle and the snowcapped heights of Manuakea.

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